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Online Store Products Upload

In order to assist you, please fill out the form below:


We are currently using the service of "Send-Anywhere" to access your product details to upload. It is not mandatory to use this option, if you have a preferred other way we can access your product details, please inform us via email



1) Number your product images (PNG format) on your computer,

2) then prepare an excel sheet or Google Sheet with the following headings


2.2) PRODUCT NUMBER (as saved on the computer per image)

 2.3) PRICE

2.4) PROMOTION (optional)

2.5) SKU (optional)

2.6) VARIABLE PRODUCT? (No/Yes: Add Details)

2.7) EXTERNAL / AFFILIATE PRODUCT (Yes / No, if yes - provide details like links, etc.) - This is also Optional

3) Upload the images according to how you named/numbered them in the spread sheet you are providing. 

4) And once products uploaded on your side, email us the link to track/access them to We can only update these products to your store once we have received access to them

If necessary, have a look at “send-anywhereprivacy policy here. If you are not happy with it, send a link for us to access and download your data from your preferred host

Click here if you are ready to upload via sendanywhere, and begin the process.