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Activate and Keep Account Active

Safelypay Loyalty Card and System Access

Safelypay Marketing outsources the Loyalty System Access and Account maintenance to Billionaires Concepts Group (BCG) as the pioneers who developed the system for us.

So you pay Monthly Card Fee to them – to keep your card or account active every month, so that you may access your Vouchers and Cash/Points and that you can pay with your card at any of Safelypay Network Stores.

To activate your Loyalty Card – you will be charged ZAR35

And then 30 days after, going forward ZAR 175 per month.

Ensure that your bank account has sufficient funds before activating your card.

Remember once your Card is active it will be sent to the store you registered at for collection – after seven days of your activation.

Click “Subscribe” button below – to Activate now:

This is how the payment screen will look:

Remember part of your Benefits

  • If you loose your Loyalty Card, Billionaires Concepts will always re-issue you a new card for FREE
  • If you are a parent, your child will soon get their own “Junior Loyalty Card” to buy from their own Voucher Wallet. This card will also be issued at no cost to you (for up to 4 children)
  • Their account will be linked to your phone; whatever they spend (at School, Grocery Stores, Toy Stores, etc.), you will get an SMS notification.
  • Only you can access or spend from your Loyalty Card, due to security measures we have put in place.
  • With Safelypay Loyalty, you can enter a store “broke” and come out with a month’s groceries from the ‘Vouchers Accumulation Tracking’ system that rewards you perpetually for using your Loyalty Card regularly at our Partner Stores.
  • You can cancel the subscription any time.

Experiencing any problem activating?

If you are experiencing any problem or you wish to activate later, click the button below:

Happy Shopping…